Our wide range of furniture is ideal for tailoring any kind of space in a variety of ways: from the comfiest to the most personality driven.  The figures clearly show the strength of our array:

3 styles: modern, classic e luxury


Moderni Models


Classics Models


Luxury Models

Type of Door: 3 structural variants

Smooth door

With classic frame

With modern frame

4 kinds of coating:

Veneered, Laminate, Melamine, Lacquered

+ 9 glass doors with painted aluminium frame and 6 with wooden frame

170 different colours, plus the entire RAL scale for the lacquered modern models

7 different types of handles for a total of more than 60 variants

5 types of worktops with thickness ranging from 1 to 6 cm (depending on the type)

4 cm thick laminate | 24 colours
2-4-6 cm thick ABS edge laminate | 18 colours
2-4-6 cm thick Unicolor edge laminate | 18 colours
Fenix laminate | 4 colours
2 cm thick quartz | 28 colours
2 cm thick ceramic | 7 colours
1-2-4 cm thick HPL | 15 colours


LIVING rooms that can be combined with the tone of the kitchen (ideal for open spaces), or create a contrast that highlights the division of  the two areas.